Truth Behind Those Floyd Mayweather ‘Knocked Out By Sparring Partner’ Rumours

Truth Behind Those Floyd Mayweather Knocked Out By Sparring Partner Rumours GettyImages 455404136Getty

There are reports going around that Floyd Mayweather has been knocked out while sparring with former rival Zab Judah.

Last night Mario Saunders, a writer for the ‘Las Vegas Post’, claimed Mayweather was KO’d when Judah came at him in a ‘wild exchange’ which devolved into a brawl.

Saunders went on to say Mayweather was so embarrassed by the incident that he kicked everyone out of the gym.

The alleged news will no doubt please those in the McGregor camp especially as Judah was apparently mimicking Conor McGregor’s wild fighting style when the brawl began.

Or at least they would be pleased with the news if there was any evidence to back up Mr Saunder’s claims.

According to the super sleuths over at, who looked into Saunder’s background, he’s made some pretty wild claims in the past such as Nick Diaz knocking out a teammate of Conor McGregor after the UFC 202 weigh-ins.

Also, and we probably should have started with this one, the ‘Las Vegas Post’ doesn’t exist nor has anyone in the fight community ever heard of Mario Saunders…

It’s also worth noting that this rumour’s done the rounds before as well, last rearing its head back in 2015, forcing Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions to refute the claims.

He told Sky Sports at the time:

False. No. Zab is in camp. Zab is a tremendous fighter – he’s been helping with the preparations along with several other sparring partners.

They are really pushing Floyd, but nothing like that. It never happened.

Yeah, McGregor probably shouldn’t be celebrating just yet.