Students Sell Out Katie Hopkins Debate And Then Stage Mass Walk Out When She Starts Talking

As we all know, Katie Hopkins has caused many controversies over the years. But a group of students turned the tables on the columnist yesterday by staging a mass walk out at Brunel University.

The 40-year-old was set to take part in a debate called ‘Does the Welfare State have a place in 2015?’ but before she could say a word, everyone stood up and left.

As many as 50 students took part and the entire thing was captured on video for our viewing pleasure.

The President of Brunel’s student union, Ali Milani, decided that she’d have nothing to add to the debate and so the protest was organised.

The inclusion of Ms Hopkins has been met with widespread outcry from the student body and the Students’ Union. [She’s the] physical manifestation of online trolls [and will have no] valuable intellectual insight. It is important to note that the conversation at no point has been about banning Ms Hopkins from speaking on campus, or denying her right to speak. It is instead about saying it is distasteful and incongruous for our University, as part of a 50th celebration event, to provide a platform to someone who adds nothing to the intellectual or academic discourse; and an individual who publicly utters such overtly bigoted views. He told The Independent

Joe Nicell, Brunel student union’s communications manager, had similar feelings towards the event and revealed that planning had begun as far back as October.

It was mainly that we didn’t feel that she fitted the debate and she wasn’t the right person to be speaking.He told The Independent addressing the issue

It’s a good job she didn’t get a chance to speak, she’d have probably just said something just as ridiculous as these tweets…